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AmanithVG is a 2D vector graphics library that implements OpenVG 1.1: the standard, royalty-free, cross-platform API for hardware accelerated 2D vector and raster graphics, created by Khronos group; AmanithVG comes with two different rendering backends: SRE (pure software) and GLE (OpenGL|ES aided) in order to provide the highest rendering quality at top speed on any device.
The library is witten in ANSI C and depends on a very limited set of standard libc functions, that can be easily mapped to custom functions, to be portable even on bare metal platforms.

The AmanithVG SDK includes:

Download AmanithVG evaluation SDK now!

More information at AmanithVG project page. Interested in licensing? Send us an eMail.


AmanithSVG is a middleware for reading and rendering SVG files, available as a standalone native library and as Unity plugin; AmanithSVG is based on static features of SVG Tiny 1.2, plus some static features of SVG Full 1.1.
The library is written in ANSI C++ and depends on AmanithVG SRE for the rendering and PugiXML or TinyXML-2 for XML parsing.

The AmanithVG SDK includes:

Download AmanithSVG Evaluation SDK now!

More information at AmanithSVG project page. Interested in licensing? Send us an eMail.

About Us

Mazatech is an italian company founded in 2005 by a team of young professionals, who have been working together developing technologies for realtime vector graphics since 1998. The company mission is to innovate into 2D vector graphics rendering field, taking advantage also of accelerated 3D chipsets and GPUs. We believe that near future is going to hit this way at all levels: desktop, handheld, mobile. We recognize open standards as being the key, so we actively support standards like OpenVG, SVG, OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Java(FX) among others. Mazatech develops the technology for enabling fast and high quality 2Dvector graphics rendering everywhere.



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